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In 2016, the BCSD school community passed Measure U, a bond created to fund the multi-phased construction project which will provide new and modernized facilities and address safety concerns related to student drop-off and pick-up and on-site parking.  The project was strategically designed in phases to optimize funding opportunities available through CDE (California Department of Education).


Phase 1

Ballico School - student drop-off and pick-up turnabout
Ballico School- 84-stall parking lot
Ballico School- New six-classroom junior high building with two restrooms

Budget: $5,437,763
Funding: General Obligation Bond, Bond Anticipation Note, CDE matching funds
Estimated Timeline for Completion: Fall 2019

Phase 2

Ballico School- Modernization of existing classrooms/buildings
Cressey School-Modernization of existing classrooms/buildings
Cressey School- bus pick-up and drop off area
Cressey School- 21-stall parking lot

Funding: Fully funded by CDE Modernization Hardship Funds
Estimated Timeline for Completion: 2021

Phase 3

Ballico School- gymnasium (new construction)

Budget Estimate: $4,000,000
Funding: Remaining local bond funds, matching and state bond funds
Estimated Timeline for Completion: 2025

Phase 4

Ballico School- Modernization of existing gym/cafeteria
Budget: TBD
Funding TBD
Timeline for Completion: To follow Phase 3